How many visitors do you have at the Village Fete?
1,500+ Are there any stall spaces still available?
There are over a hundred stall spaces available on the field and these slots are allocated on a strictly first-come-first-served basis. See the booking form for details!

So long as there is no "Full up" message under News we have spaces.

**However** to encourage diversity and make the Fete more exciting we only have a set number of spaces (generally 5) for large scale catering operations and we won't accept two of the same type. We already have a local supplier for Ice Cream vans so please don't send a form, it will just be returned to you.

What time should I arrive to setup my stall?
There will be people on the green from around 9am on the day of the Fete.

How can I find out where my pitch is? (Before the Fete)
We mark out the pitches and allocate stalls a few days before the fete and while the general layout is pretty similar year after year the actual numbers can vary quite a bit depending on where we start and whether or not we have any new "features" we are trying out.

After we have marked out the pitches then they are allocated to stalls. Once the stalls have been allocated we will update this website with the details.

How can I find out where my pitch is? (On the Day)
On the morning when you arrive on site just speak to any of the fete organisers (we are in bright yellow tops) and we will be able to tell you where your pitch is.

I don't like my pitch, how can I change it?
We do our absolute best to ensure that everyone has a successful day and the pitch allocations are a little bit flexible to accomplish this. We will always try and move people but, clearly, we can only move people into an empty space so if you arrive at 9am we are more likely to be able to move you than if you arrive at 10am.

Many factors affect where your pitch is, the key one is that we read the stall descriptions on the booking forms and generally try and make sure that similar stalls are not next to each other. We also try and avoid diametrically opposed or competing stalls being next to each other as well; for example Slimming stalls and Burger vans, Burger vans and BBQ stalls!

Our goal is to ensure that everyone has a successful day.

I've been told to stop doing X on my stall? Why?
We don't generally exercise any control over what you do on your stall (so long as it's legal!) but there are some exceptions. At the request of the police we don't allow BB Guns.

I am a food stall, is there anything special I need to do?
You will need to submit your hygiene certificate along with your stall booking form. You may also like to consider taking out public liability insurance should anything happen due to your food on the day.