What time does the Bar Hill Village Fête open?
The fête will be set up and running at around 2pm.
What time does the fête finish?
The fête runs all day from 2pm until around midnight.
Where is the fête held?
It is held in a variety of places in Bar Hill. The Village Green, Village Hall, Church, Octagon are all used so the fête is nicely concentrated in the centre of the village.
What is at the fête?
There are many things that happen during the fête day. There will be a large variety of stalls set out on the Village Green, either selling arts and crafts wears or representing local organisations (or both!). There will be a selection of food providers on the Village Green, including ice-cream and BBQs and places to get drinks too. There will be a selection of children's rides at the fête too.
The main arena is also located on the Village Green where a variety of displays will take place throughout the day. These vary from being children's entertainers to forms of dance or boot camp demonstrations. Please see the programme for more details on these or the posters on the day.
In the evening the fête takes on a very different vibe with a disco from 5:30pm, moving into live music from 6:00pm. This will then continue with a variety of bands until 11:00pm, when the music will be closed by another disco.

Please note all details can change at short notice.

Where are the toilets located?
Toilets will be located in the Village Hall car park.
Where are bins located?
Bins will be available throughout the fête with larger ones in the Village Hall car park.
Is there anything else I should be aware of?
The Village Green is very exposed (being a large piece of grass) and as such if it is a sunny day there is a risk of sunburn, so please take appropriate precautions.
What if I need help on the day?
On the day there will be a help station, which will be very clearly marked. If you run into any issues on the day this is your best place to get help.
Can I bring a BBQ?
As this is  family event, and there will be children running around, we don't allow visitors to bring their own BBQs or have bonfires or open fires at any stage during the day. This includes the evening during the music where, for the enjoyment of everyone attending, BBQs etc will not be allowed. If you do bring one, you will be asked to extinguish it.