In order to help the Bar Hill Fête run smoothly on the day we need the help of volunteers. There have been some changes to how we are going to run the volunteer system this year, which have been outlined below.
Volunteers are needed throughout the day from 10:00 (in order to help with the setting up of stalls and laying out the green) until midnight (to help with the tidying up at the end).
10:00 - midnight
This is a long time and it would be unreasonable to ask anyone to volunteer for that length of time. Therefore we have split the day into chunks of 2 hours in order to make it more manageable. You are of course very welcome to volunteer for more than one chunk!
Any equipment you may need on the day will be provided so all you need to worry about is bringing yourself!
Fête Committee
Volunteering to help with the fête does not mean you have to join the fête committee. It is purely to help out on the day, where you will be told what needs doing by a member of the committee.
How to Volunteer
The easiest way to volunteer is to contact us at volunteers@barhillvillagefete.org as this goes directly to the person organising the volunteers. It would also be helpful to provide an idea of what sort of times you would be willing to volunteer for.
In due course (closer to the fête) an electronic timetable will appear on this page so people can see available slots and also view their slot.
Please do consider volunteering as it is a very important part of the fête and helps out immensely.
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us at: volunteers@barhillvillagefete.org